SID EMPIRE was born
Ukraine, Donetsk region, Kramatorsk
We have got a number of offices in a few places
of Russia and Ukraine
By 2016
We are going to start some offices in the USA and Singapore

Many people are wondering what «SID» means, we may change the meaning of the word depending on the different period of our work.

SID EMPIRE LLC – System Incredible Development

SID EMPIRE LLC – is a company which for many years has worked out its scheme, system of development, its ability to make incredible products, and all this can take the best place at the world market

Our Сompany
2008-2013 consists of 150 people
Experts and amateurs, middle-aged 20-45 years old
9 Successfully Functioning Departments
  • Sid Technology
  • Sid mobile apps
  • Sid game
  • Sid design
  • Sid promotion
  • Sid writing
  • Sid store
  • Sid robots
  • Sid animations
By 2016 we are going to start another three departments
The motto of the company speaks for itself
to create
For Five Years
The following projects have been done
  • > 1
  • > 1
  • > 1
    Android & Windows
  • > 1
  • > 1
  • > 1
Our Own Projects Are

For a long period we have been helping hard to fulfill the ideas of other companies, but having gained a lot
of experience, now it is time for us to realize our own ideas.

our own 10 projects

We are planning to start the first projects by the end of the

IV quarter in 2016

Our Partners And Clients

More than 500 clients from Europe, America, Asia

Our Intentions Are
  • 2014
    To start a number of our projects
  • 2017
    To become the world famous company, being useful not only for corporative clients but for every house and family
  • 2018
    To sell the shares at the stock exchange Nasdaq and over the counter
If you are an investor, a partner of the companyor a private client and you want to ask a few questions, please, use a feeback
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